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5 Things You Need To Know About BigCommerce

Are you an entrepreneur whose aim is to grow sales with minimal efforts? If yes, you can give BigCommerce a priority. This platform will enable you to set up a store on Facebook and sell your products quickly. Facebook is a social network with millions of user. Hence, having a store on Facebook can make you sell across the world and increase sales. Also, with BigCommerce, you can sell across eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Google shopping. With this, you will target many customers.

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The most significant feature that will increase your sales is the SEO. This feature will improve your ranking on search engines. In this era, most customers believe to find best products on search engines. They view Google, Bing, and Yahoo as reliable and cannot direct untrustworthy sellers to them. Hence, with SEO, your site can rank higher, and you can drive traffic. Here are significant features of BigCommerce:

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BigCommerce has fancy templates

A template is essential when creating a website because it will enable you to have a quick site creation process. They are ready-made to help you achieve this. BigCommerce comes with 105 responsive templates for you to choose from. There are7 free templates best for entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints. The good thing about the templates is the customization feature. It will enable you to come up with a unique site. Also, these templates will allow you to create a website with a professional design that can convince customers that you sell quality products and you are a reliable entrepreneur. If you are still having doubts about BigCommerce templates, read more about things you must consider when choosing an e-commerce platform provider.

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BigCommerce is easy to use

Being able to create a professional site by yourself is essential as you will not require hiring a designer to perform the task for you. Also, you will build the site quickly. BigCommerce is an easy to use enterprise e-commerce platform that will enable you to set tools easily. With this, you can add more tools to the App store and enhance the functionality of your business. In case you encounter a challenge when setting up the tools, you can contact the customer support which will offer a quick response.


BigCommerce has a high level of security

If you are considering security as a great feature in your site, you need to consider using BigCommerce. This platform is among the best that will provide your site with security to avoid losses. BigCommerce will manage the entire hosting of your website to prevent the hackers from targeting your site. Also, it will save your business data in the cloud to avoid losing them. Losing the business data can cost you more as you will have to start from scratch. Another great thing about BigCommerce is the PCI and SSL certification which will protect customers’ sensitive data.

Integrated payment gateways

Succeeding in enterprise e-commerce business is not only about managing it but also enhancing customers’ experience. In this case, you need to offer a variety of payment methods to enable customers to use one of their choices. BigCommerce comes with over 60 payment gateways to provide safe ways of making payment. Customers can pay through Credit cards and PayPal.

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Discounts and promotions

As you know, everyone loves to save money. Hence, providing ways that can enable customers to make purchases and save coins can drive traffic to your site. BigCommerce is among the least enterprise e-commerce platforms that will allow you to create and schedule discounts without coding or adding Apps. With this, you can provide free shipping, coupon codes, and discounted products which will improve the customers’ experience.


Wrapping up

BigCommerce is among the high rated enterprise e-commerce platform. It has a review icon that allows customers to write on how they feel about it. These reviews show that the platform is reliable.

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